For their first lesson, new students can wear a leotard, bike shorts/t-shirt or black tights. Socks or bare feet for Ballet, hard sole shoes (school shoes) for Tap, and sport shoes (runners) for Jazz/Hip Hop. Uniforms should be purchased from the studio as soon as possible.
Uniforms – Girls
Blue singlet top to hip length,  with black & white straps & studio logo.
Girls $35 Ladies $39.
3/4 Plain black tights or shorts from a shop of your choice.
Uniforms – Boys
Royal blue shorts or similar from a shop of your choice.
White or blue T-shirt or tank top - we sell.
Black ballets, tap and jazz shoes (Bought from studio)
Girls Dance Shoes
Pink Leather Ballets full sole  $35
Pink leather Ballets split sole $40
Tan Leather Tap Shoes with Plates Attached - $55
Tan Slip on Jazz Shoes $45 (Juniors)
Black Jazz Sneakers $70 (Seniors)
Note: Uniforms are not required for Drama.
Hair: Away from the face in a bun or ponytail, headband for short hair
All items with prices are available for sale from the studio.
Our studio jackets are $45