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Pre School Dance Class Saturday 9.30- 10.10am
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Welcome to a fun filled class for your little princesses and superheroes starting from age 2 1/2 - 4 years old. These children are taught basic movements and dance in classical ballet, rhythmic tapping and funky jazz, giving them an introduction to these styles of dance. In fact they are so busy having fun they don't even realise they are learning. Dancing also teaches the discipline of group lessons and behaviour in a structured and safe environment.


What do they do in class?

During their 40 minute class we dance with props such as tambourines, rhythm sticks, a huge colourful parachute and long ribbon sticks. Our class starts with ballet, and includes pointing toes, bending and stretching, bunny jumps, fairy runs for girls and bees/aeroplanes for boys. They leave these shoes on for some funky jazz moves, danced to popular kids music such as the Wiggles, Hi-5, The Fairies and popular Top 40 hits. We then send them to you to change into their tap shoes, have a quick drink and a cuddle then back inside to start our tap dancing.


Will I know after one class if they settle in OK?


Sometimes it is hard to judge how your little one will go after only one class. We often find that they can be shy during their first class, but by their second or third class they are more comfortable dancing and twirling with their new friends. It is for  this reason that while we offer one ‘FREE trial class’, we recommend that parents bring them to at least three classes before deciding whether to stay or not.


Can we watch the class?

Parents are not encouraged to sit in on classes as the children work much better when with their teachers alone. You can sit in the waiting room and see your child through the double open doors. We leave the doors open all year. Parents are invited in to watch the class at the end of each term, to view their progress.

For this we have a special dress up day and encourage you to clap and cheer them on.
Please be aware that the first few classes are often unsettling as the children relax into their new surroundings and become familiar with their teachers.

We supply a name badge for all students. Children feel more secure when they hear their name.


What do they wear in class?

GIRLS wear a gorgeous little leotard with attached frilly skirt in pink and black with the studio logo attached. These are available for sale at the studio. We understand you may want to wait until purchasing their uniform & dance shoes, but over the years we have seen some children do not want to come in to class as they don`t have the same uniform as the others, or they don`t yet have the “noisy” tap shoes that others are wearing. We sell new and second hand ballet and tap shoes at the studio. To start off, girls can wear black tights or shorts and a top. Try to put their hair in a bun or pulled back away from their face.


BOYS - Boys can wear blue shorts and a white T-shirt.  It's fine to start ballet in bare feet or socks, but for tap we recommend putting on some hard soled shoes, or sneakers so they can kick the floor with their toes.


When do we see them on stage?

Pre school dancers will perform on stage in our end of year concert, giving them the opportunity to dance on stage in costume. These shows offer a wonderful opportunity for our young stars to show their newly accomplished talents for parents, family and friends

 Baby change facilities are available at the studio plus wheelchair access restroom.

Please phone us on 0421 062 218 to secure your place in our class.

We look forward to meeting you and your future star.

Happy Dancing!
Miss Barbara, Miss Bronte and David    

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