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Number of Classes per child $ each week.
  • 1 class     $14
  • 2 classes $25
  • 3 classes $35
  • 4 classes $42
  • 5 classes $50
  • 6 classes $55
  • 7 classes $60
  • 8 classes $65
Enrolment Fee is $25 each year
Hip Hop dance

Annual Enrolment Fee is $25 first child, plus $15 each sibling. Term payment is the preferred option for all students. 

A 5% discount is given for Term Fees paid in full paid by week 2. 
Monthly payments in advance can also be made if term payment causes any financial concerns.
Fees must never be in arrears. Two or more children from the same family taking 10 classes per week combined, receive a 5% discount. Prices include GST. 
All class fees must be paid whether class is attended or not. This includes illness and family holidays taken during our dance term. However, your child may do catch up classes in other styles to make up for the missed lessons.
As classes are very busy and timetables must be adhered to, parents are asked not to discuss matters with the teacher between classes. If David cannot help you, I am available to discuss any matter you wish on 0421 062 218 after 10.30am.


  • We have name badge for all students. Children feel more secure when they hear their name.
  • Each class will be given a quick drink break. Please bring a labelled water bottle. We also sell water $1.
  • Plus baby change facilities and a wheelchair access restroom. We also have a defibrillator.



Students receive holidays when state schools are on vacation, BUT classes are still held on the first & last Saturday of each holiday (except Easter Saturday). No classes held at Easter or Anzac Day. Classes are not held over the Christmas holidays.  

Classes for school age children are held twice weekly, and we suggest that students should make every effort to attend all classes if they wish to make satisfactory progress and maintain the high standard of the studio.
Every child in the studio will receive a trophy. Parents are asked to contribute to this.  Perpetual trophies are also given at the end of year concert for studio awards.
STUDENTS who look good and present themselves as dancers participate more keenly in class, so correct dress and grooming is essential. Please label all dancewear.

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