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Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t know which class my child would like.

We offer one week of FREE classes.  During this week your child is able to participate in any of our age appropriate classes. After they have tried  these classes for free they (and you) are able to decide which ones they liked the best and would like to enrol in. 

 Contact us now to book your free trial classes.

Will I know after one class if they settle in OK?

It is hard to judge how they will go after only trialing one class. We often find that they can be shy during their first class, but by their second or third class they are more comfortable dancing and twirling with their new friends. We recommend parents bring them to at least three classes before deciding whether to stay or not.

Can we watch the class?
Parents are not encouraged to sit in on classes as the children work much better when with their teachers alone. You can see your child from the waiting room. We leave the double doors open all year. Parents are invited in to watch the class at the end of each term, to view their progress.

For this we have a special dress up day and encourage you to clap and cheer them on.
We supply a name badge to help teachers to learn their names. Children feel more secure when they hear their name.

How is information relayed to parents and students?
We have important information posted on our noticeboard inside the waiting room. Newsletters are printed, emailed and uploaded onto our official Facebook page to keep everyone up to date. 

What should my child wear to their first class?

The Studio has a compulsory uniform. For your first class we recommend new students wear tights/leggins , a top, socks for ballet and school shoes for tap, runners for hip hop. T-shirt and loose fitting shorts are appropriate for boys.

My child is at High School and hasn’t taken dance or drama lesson’s yet, is it too late?

The Studio has a passion for helping the older student feel comfortable and capable in the studio. At our Studio we are experienced in making your older student feel comfortable with the transition.

What are other benefits of dance?


  • Self Confidence: The opportunity to perform on stage in front of an audience boosts the self-confidence of the child and develops in them a sense of self-awareness and accomplishment that can never be taken away.

  • Physical Coordination: The demands of learning to physically move hands, arms, legs, etc., in coordination is wonderfully challenging.  Learning to synchronize these movements with a number of other students builds an amazing sense of comradeship and pride not just in oneself, but in one’s classmates.  

  • Musicality: A basic understanding of the moods and rhythms of music are developed in learning to dance.  

  • Health: A student’s physical and mental fitness is enhanced by the regular exercise and love of movement with dance gives them.  Whether it can be classical moves in ballet, the more contemporary steps of hip hop. Dance builds a strength of body and character which will be with the student forever.  

Should my son take dance classes?

Yes! It is equally important for boys to have the same opportunity to learn rhythm & timing, coordination, classroom etiquette and an appreciation for the performing arts. Dance will increase strength and flexibility, building a strong, healthy body that will help with all future sports programs and professions.

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